Get Ready. We're Coming to Sydney.SUMHIIT Fitness

Forget what you know about high-intensity workouts and reimagine what you can accomplish in only 35 minutes. Supreme calorie burn (up to 800 calories in just one class), camaraderie to keep you going, and instructors ready to push you to the next level. It's not a boot camp workout. It's a revolution in fitness classes that you won't want to miss.

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The WorkoutHow It Works

It's simple, SUMHIIT Fitness is the world's most efficient, powerful, and life-changing group fitness experience on the market, and we'll tell you why. It's in our DNA. Our workouts are built on one-minute intervals, switching between functional strength training and cardio. But don't get too excited, one SUMHIIT minute hits differently, and your muscles will agree. After 35 minutes of interval training, you'll move on to core. Some might call it a cool down, but your abs won't. Easy? Never. Rewarding? Always.

35 Mins
to the

People at SUMHIIT doing cardio training

60 Seconds: Cardio

Our bikes will push you. Push back harder. Dig deep and attack each one-minute burst with all the speed you can muster.

People at SUMHIIT doing strength training

60 Seconds: Strength

It's an ever-changing mashup of TRX, kettlebells, weights, medicine balls — even your body weight. All are designed to tone, define and add mass to your muscle tissue.